The Constance of Divine Romance


22 OCTOBER 2017, 05:53 PM
There’s a reason we never move on from some things. There’s a reason we cannot. Maybe part of it, is because it’s that etched in our senses.

And then – Beyond them.

There isn’t much I’ve wanted or needed in this period of existence. But this one need has stayed with me. Ever since that evening – a decade ago.

An evening that saw us as we sought eyes and locked them. Solitary sights in unspoken promises. It must be that day, when it hit me – The beauty You held. The unspeakable beauty that makes me laugh even as I cry inside. Like reunions.

You will recurringly cause my tears and my laughter. When I’m sad You’ll tickle me to laughter. When I’m happy You’ll sting me to tears.

Each moment of this experience will reinforce what I feel – I will always be Yours alone.

The world around has it’s ways and sermons to teach me against this resolve. But the Universe holds the magic that will strengthen me in my resolve:

Like photographs that freeze in my eyes-
the You in my dreams.
Like words and phrases we shared
that appear-
in unexpected spaces.
Like slivers of my past experiences that crescendo-
in reminders of flowing strings.
Like the roads and trees that paint my heart-
with the shades of Your being.

Of Our Union. Re. Union.

Tell me then, when we have known a body and it’s soul, in all its mysterious simplicity, how can we regret a resolve? To stay forever. Even when we hurt. Even when we are forced. To let go.

Loving a form of Creation that is at once imperfectly perfect is rare. And I choose not to stop. Because I have traced Your perfect imperfection.

You are Beauty Personified in a moment of Divine Romance.


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